My programs


This is my old MS-DOS tetris game.Simple graphics and only basic rulez.Just simple copy of electronic game.7

Source code (Borland C + TASM)

Direct X Tetris

Another tetris now under windows by using directx library with a few sounds and the music.Also with better gfx.Programmed only for training skills purpose.

Source code (Visual C++)

Game list

Small database program for creating the list of games.Interface text in Czech language.

Source code (Visual C++)


Small dictionary program.Language is not specified but interface texts are in Czech language.

Source code (Visual C++)


My gomoku.Possibility of game  one player against one weak built-in algorithm or about 20 external  algorithms.Supports also tcp/ip the two player game  on internet (u must open TCP port on your firewall for that.)Interface text in Czech language.

Source code (Visual C++)


My pexeso -well known logical game, 4 sets of cards, TCPIP Game

Zdrojovy kod (Visual C++)


My retro DOS game to competion on is a simple game in which you must shot down meteroids, before they reach the edge of the screen.aasMoje pexeso -klasická logická hra několik sad kartiček možnost hry pres TCPIP

Zdrojovy kod (Open Watcom C++ a JWasm)